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June 1, 2017 - Priscila Pereira

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Hi guys,  how are things?

Today I wanna share some quick tips for writing a movie review and show you my own example, ok?

I am going to give you some quick tips. Nevertheless, it is important that you go deep. There are more things you need to do in order to write a nice movie review. I will give you my top suggestions. I will write more movie reviews and leave you more suggestions.

   Avoid the following adjectives: great, good, interesting, different, happy/unhappy, terrible, sad, etc. The more basic adjectives you use, the less attractive your review will be. Remember, you want to get people’s attention. Today you can find hundreds and hundreds of movie reviews. What makes yours special? Well, vocabulary certtainly helps!

   Avoid sentences and verbs: In my opinion, I really liked it, like, etc.  Just like on my first explanation I talked about basic expressions,  you will also be in a lot of trouble if you use expressions like these ones. Although you should not use these phrases, you  can definitely (you should actually) share your opinions.  But use advanced expressions to do so. Remember, it is all about getting your reader’s attention.

   Actor names (always in Brackets)

   Don’t repeat adjectives – you are going to need a lot of synonyms here. Writing reviews is about imagination. Be creative! Find different ways to describe things.Readers love that!

   Use adverbs  adverbs like Always and never will not cut it! Remember, it is about creating writing.Obviously you can use “always” and “never”, but use different ones as well.

   Your review must have a title and you must share your opinion.  You need to share your opinion, just remember to do it in a way you convince the reader you know what you are doing!

   Don’t tell the entire story. This is not a spoiler review. Spoilers, who doesn’t hate them? If you don’t want negative comments, don’t give spoilers. If you really want to give spoilers, let your reader know in advance.

   Try to use phrasal verbs  – vocabulary, the more, the merrier!

These tips can help you get started! The most common problem when writing a movie review is to organize our ideas in a way that we neither tell too much information nor use boring adjectives to describe the story! Sometimes we may share our personal opinions way too much! Of course, sharing your thoughts is important. However, while describing the main plot or important characters, try to share an unbiased opinion.

It is also important to structure your writing in a way that people will find it easy to understand! Divide the paragraphs well and make sure they are connected. The reader needs to feel the flow of the paragraphs adn this flow needs to be as smooth as possible!

I watched the Intouchables a couple weeks ago! I had an amazing time! i loved the movie and the story was very touching! I decided to write a movie review to share with you and example of advanced writing as well as some suggestions of vocabulary! Moreover, it is always nice to talk about movies, isn’t it? So here is my suggestion for you. Maybe you will have some time over the weekend, so this is definitely a nice movie!

Now here we go! Let me know what you think about this review, ok? I hope you guys like it!



Movie Review: The Intouchables

“The Intouchables”, or “Les Intouchable” in French, was a box office success in France produced by Quads Production in 2011. It tells the heartwarming story of how Philippe (Francois Cluzet), a conservative millionaire, and Driss (Omar SY), a black man from Paris outskirts, embark on a journey of self-discovery through ordinary, yet enriching experiences, proving how distinctive realities may not only coexist, but also benefit from one another.

In the light of a tragic accident while paragliding, Phelippe is now paralyzed from neck down. In this charismatic and moving plot, Philippe lives under round-the-clock care.  Driss, who intentionally applied for a position as his caregiver only so he could be rejected and obtain a signature on his job application for unemployment benefits, surprisingly ends up hired by Phellippe, who had been continuously disappointed by the innumerous unsuccessful interviews with dull candidates. For the astonishment of his staff Phelippe and Driss genuinely bound overtime in customary activities, such as listening to funky music and car rides at night enabling Phellipe rejoice in life once again.

Even though, this might seem a cliché-ridden story, François’ impeccable performance along with Omar’s refreshing irreverence overcomes the simplicity of the plot. Two men from extremely contrasting poles become inseparable friends, demonstrating that one doesn’t call for extravagant measures in order to overpower adversity.

I would highly recommend this movie. It is a riveting story that turns out to be an insightful message of true friendship, showing beyond doubt that if we let go of social stereotypes, we may be positively surprised by manifold opportunities and fruitful learning experiences.

Which movie would like me to review? Leave a comment and I will definitely write about it!

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