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5 DRIVING Phrasal Verbs in English

I am going to show you 5 driving phrasal verbs you must know! these driving phrasal verbs are connected with driving, ok?
So here we go!

3 Phrasal Verbs With Down – Learn Phrasal Verbs

It is time to learn Phrasal verbs! Phrasal verbs are very popular in both written and spoken language. In this post, I am going to teach you 3 phrasal verbs with DOWN. 

3 Phrasal Verbs With Give – English Vocabulary

How about learning 3 important phrasal verbs with Give? In this phrasal verb lesson, you are going to learn 3 popular phrasal verbs with give and how to use them correctly.

Do you Really Need to Learn Phrasal Verbs? Vale A pena Aprender Phrasal Verbs?

Será que vale apena aprender phrasal verbs? Muitos alunos que entram em um nível intermediário ou que estudam sozinho se deparam com esta pergunta: será que vale apena aprender phrasal verbs? São tantos!Não sei se consigo aprender…

Phrasal Verb Move In – Learn How To Use It

How about learning a new phrasal verb? Move in is a very common phrasal verb you must know!! Check it out 🙂

Phrasal Verb Watch Out For: Learn how to use it!

This is a new phrasal verb post! I hope you enjoy it. As usual, I will give you the most popular meanings of today’s phrasal verb. Today you will learn all about the phrasal verb “watch out for”. Yep! Watch out for is a very popular phrasal verb. In this post, I will show the two most popular uses of this phrasal verb.

Phrasal Verb Come Along: Learn how to use it!

This is a new phrasal verb post. I’m really enjoying these posts. I hope you are too! With these posts you can learn cool phrasal verbs and in what situations you should use them as well as real-life examples (both written and audio examples). That way you can improve your pronunciation and learn a new phrasal verb at the same time

Phrasal Verb Get Along With: Learn How to Use It!

Today I am going to write about another very popular phrasal verb. How many phrasal verbs with “get” do you know? I imagine you know a few ones, but remember quality is better than quantity so start with a short list, ok?

Phrasal Verb: Figure Out – Learn how to use it!

This is another phrasal verb for you! If you want to stay tuned to my latest posts, subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll always let you know what’s going here on my blog 🙂

Phrasal Verb: Look Up To – Learn how to use it!

Today I was watching some videos on YouTube. I saw a video where Obama gives an interview. That inspired me to write about today’s phrasal verb. Why? Because Obama is someone I really look up to.  Do you have any idea of what I am saying here? So read all this post and you will find out not only the meaning of this phrasal verb but also how to use it

Phrasal Verb Put Up With – Learn how to use it

The phrasal verb of the day is put up with! Do you know this phrasal verb? It is a very common one and you will hear native speakers use it all the time

Phrasal Verb Bring In – Learn how to use it!

Hey fellas, how are things? This is another phrasal verb post. I’ll be showing you the meaning, main uses, and real life examples as well as leave an audio for each example so that you can work on your pronunciation, ok? At the end of this post, don’t forget to leave me a comment and your examples!

Phrasal Verb Get Over – Learn how to use it

Hello, hello, hello!!! Yeah, yeah, another phrasal verb post, just for you!! And remember, leave a comment! It can be “go girl” or “thanks”, or a question. Jokes aside guys, just let me know if you liked the post or if you have any questions, ok? Muchas gracias!! 😀

Phrasal Verb Turn Down – Learn How To Use It!

Hey guys, how are things? Today I want to teach you another phrasal verb. By the way, if this is your first time around here, check out my phrasal verb section. There are many phrasal verbs for you. I always give the most common definition as well as real life examples with audio so that you can improve your pronunciation. At the end of the post, don’t forget to leave me a comment with your own examples or even suggestions of phrasal verbs you would like to see here.

Phrasal Verb Pull Over – Learn how to use it!

FacebookTwitterLinkedinIf the officer asks you to pull over, just do it! Hey, what’s cracking?!! Are you enjoying the posts about phrasal verbs? Really guys, I

Phrasal Verb Live up to – Learn how use it!

Have you lived up to your parents’ expectations? Hey, fellas! How are things today? Another phrasal verb post! Today I want to show you how to use the phrasal verb “live up to”. If you follow my blog, I’ve made a post about a nice expression which uses this phrasal verb. If you want to find out what “live up to the hype” means, click here.

Phrasal Verb Take Away – Learn How To Use It!

Hey guys, what’s up? Today I want to show you a phrasal verb. I’m going to give you the meaning of the phrasal verb (well if you know me, my channel and read my posts, you will see I focus on explanation, no translations) But don’t worry! I promise you will understand it and more importantly, know how to use it! For all the examples I give, you will be able to listen to the phrases. Yes! I will record my “squeaky” voice so that you can hear the examples and learn how to pronounce not only the verb, but also the entire phrase with a good intonation!

Phrasal Verb Get Away With – Learn how to use it!

Hey, what’s up? Another phrasal verb post! This phrasal verb is special. It is not just a phrasal verb; it is also the name of one of my favorite TV shows. Well, it is not my number one show, but I really like it. What’s the name of the TV show? How to get away with murder.

Phrasal Verb Show Off – Learn how to use it!

Hey guys, what’s up? Another phrasal verb! Are you enjoying the phrasal verb posts? Let me know in the comments! Today I want to write about a very common phrasal verb. I will give you the most common uses and as usual, for each example I give you, you can listen to the audio. That way you work on your pronunciation and intonation. But here we go!

Phrasal Verb Dress Up – Learn how to use it!

Hey guys, what’s up? New phrasal verb for you today! Here on my blog, you will find many posts about phrasal verbs. The idea is to help you learn the most common phrasal verbs and how to use them effectively! Not only will I teach you the meaning of the phrasal verb but I will also show you real life examples. For every written example I give you, you can check the pronunciation as well. That way you learn intonation and improve your pronunciation! If you still have questions, you can always leave them in the comments. I will make sure to reply to you. You can also try to come up with (create) your own examples! When you write your examples, try to make them “real”.

Phrasal Verb Put Off – Learn how to use it!

Whats up guys! How are you doing today? I’d like to show a new phrasal verb today! To put off! The verb put has many phrasal verbs. As I always like to mention, it is important to analyze the phrasal verb as one single word, never translate a phrasal verb “particle by particle”. The verb put alone means to move something into a specific place or position. Now, what do you think put + off means?

Phrasal Verb Let Down – Learn how to use it!

“I need you, I need you, I need you right now. Yeah, I need you right now. So dont let me dont let me, dont let me down. I think Im losing my mind now” The Chainsmokers – Dont Let Me Down ft. Daya

Phrasal Verb Give Up – Learn how to use it!

Hey, friends! How are you doing? In this section of the blog, I want to you show you popular phrasal verbs and how to use them. What is a phrasal verba phrasal verb is a verb that combined with another prepositon or adverb, which we will call “particle”, will have a different meaning.