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I’m TeacherPrix and I want to help you talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime in English! This blog is for English speakers who are looking for an effective blog. But more than that, if you are looking for more practical contextualized exercises (not just random grammar questions as many blogs do), ideas on how to improve your skills and on how to speak English more naturally, how to effectively use expressions and phrasal verbs and so many other aspects of the language, you will find it all here!


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You will get to read about many different subjects. Grammar posts, phrasal verbs (not just their meaning, but how to use them effectively), book and movie reviews based on English fluency level, podcasts on everyday subjects, song activities, general English improvement articles and so much more!


Another great series in this blog is all the “how to think in English” posts. They are extremely effective and will help you learn the trick of how to think in English and therefore speak more naturally.


I started my blog in 2014 (Face English Now). The idea was to help people with English and see where it would go. Well, I can say I am enjoying the ride, blogging is so fun! I feel inspired whenever I get feedback from people on what to post next, what kinds of subjects they would like to see and this is what keeps me going! As I gained experience on my previous blog (Face English Now) and on my YouTube Channel (Teacher Prix) I’ve been able to gather people’s concerns and questions from all over the world. Speakers who need help and find English difficult are always sharing their doubts and questions with me. On top of that, working with my private students has enabled me to come up with effective and practical ways to improve English, overcome shyness (many speakers are shy and get nervous when speaking) and speak clearly. That’s why the posts you find here are real people’s questions being answered.


I’ve been teaching English for more than ten years. I’ve had students from all over the world. I’ve always been passionate about languages, but English has always been my favorite one. In my early twenties I spent two years in Boston, where I had the amazing opportunity of attending business and professional communication classes at Harvard. When I returned to Brazil, I went to a Brazilian University in São Paulo and got a degree in International Relations. As my passion for languages grew, I realized it was time for me to fully immerse in this journey. That’s when I decided to launch my YouTube channel (Teacher Prix) and focus completely on teaching students from all over the world how to speak English confidently!


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