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July 16, 2019 - Priscila Pereira

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Hey student!

In this post, I am going to give you useful expressions and questions so that you can talk about your favorite movie in English. Image result for movies png

Speaking about movies can be a big challenge for some English learners. For some speakers, it is difficult to organize the ideas, to think of what is important to say and even worse, in a conversation, many English learners don’t know what to ask.

I will divide this explanation into 5 parts ok? There are 5 movie elements that are important when you are talking about movies in English. I will show you examples of questions and of what you can say in each part.

IMPORTANT: you don’t need to follow this sequence in a conversation, ok? These are suggestions of things you can ask and talk about whenever you have a conversation about movies with someone in English


During a conversation about a movie, it is nice to ask and talk about the type of movie you watched or watch. This is what we call the “genre” of the film. There are many kinds of movies in English: comedy, thriller, horror, detective stories, adventure, children’s movies, sci-fi (science fiction), crime, historical, etc.

Here is a question you can ask during a movie conversation?

Question: What kind of movie is it?

Your answer: it is a horror movie. It is sci-fi movie.



We all love talking about the actors and actresses from Hollywood, right? When talking about movies, you can ask or talk about the people who were in the movie; the actors and actresses.

Question: Who is in it? or Who stars in it?

Answer:  Tom Cruise is in “it”/ Tom Cruise is in this movie.



Talking about the setting is also very important. Here, you can ask or talk about information on where and when the story in the movie is happening.

Question: Where does it take place? When does it take place?

Answer:  It is set in London. It happens in London. . “This movie” (or “IT”) happens in the 1920’s.  It takes place in space.



In this part of the conversation, you can ask or talk about a little bit of the story of the movie.  You don’t tell everything (except if your friend or the listener wants or is ok knowing all story)

Question: What is it about? what is the movie about? tell me about the movie.

Answer:  It is about a… who/that…  It is about a man who falls in love with an ET. It is about a gorilla that wants to destroy New York City.


Climax – The End

For this part of the conversation, you can briefly talk about the end of the movie or ask about the end of the movie. When I am talking to my students about movies, I always ask them about the end. I am a very curious person 😛

Question: How does it end? What happens in the end?

Answer:  In the end…  In the end, the gorilla dies. In the end the couple survives the accident.



If you want, I have a video on my channel where I talk about these questions and sentences. Check it out!


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