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June 1, 2017 - Priscila Pereira

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Hey guys, how are you doing?

Another movie review post for you guys! But before I tell you about the movie, how about learning some important vocabulary you must use on movie reviews?

There are many different kinds of words, verbs, adverbs, expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs, you can use on your essay. For this post, I picked a specific one. Let’s talk about adverbs.

Adverbs will basically modify “verbs”. They emphasize the action. For example:

The movie was good. (no adverb)

The movie was REALLY good! (here I am emphasizing with the adverb “really”)

He broke the window (no adverb, I am just describing what happened).

He intentionally broke the window (the adverb intentionally emphasizes the action by showing that the person who broke the window, had intentions to do so.


You might already know how adverbs work. The catch is to use collocations correctly. Depending on the verb we may or not use certain adverbs. That’s what I want to share with you before showing you the movie review.  I will show 7  good adverbs and their verbs that you can in movie reviews and that will definitely make your movie review nicer! So here we go


1. Rely heavily on somebody or something = to depend greatly on someone.

NGOS rely heavily on donations in order to finance their projects.

2. To be hysterically funny = to describe something that is very funny.

Her acting was hysterically funny in the new Broadway show called Shear Madness.

3. Apologize profusely = to apologize a lot  (to say sorry “a lot”)

The CEO apologized profusely to all families who lost their loved ones in the accident.

4. Bitterly disappointed = to be very disappointed.

I was bitterly disappointed after watching this movie.

5. Highly recommend = greatly recommend, recommend something very much.

I highly recommend this movie. It is exciting, fun and the plot is very interesting

6. Connect deeply =  to have a strong connection

They connected deeply since day one

7. Listen patiently = to listen in a patient way.

Parents need to listen to their kids more patiently.

Now let’s take a look at the movie review. This movie review is simpler, intermediate speakers will have no problem to understand it! But if you are an intermediate speaker, let me know what you thought about it, ok?

   The older, the wiser? Senior Internship Program Turning Into A Beautiful Friendship!

“The Intern” was produced and directed by Nancy Meyers in 2015. It tells the encouraging story of a 70-year-old widower called Ben (played by Robert Niro) who is looking for a new challenge in his life, since his retirement has brought nothing but boredom to his life.

Ben is a cheerful retired widower who is looking for a job. Even though he is retired, he feels like he is lacking purpose in life. By deciding to get back in the game, he applies for a senior internship program at “About the Fit”, a fast-growing e-commerce startup, founded and managed by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) who even though had previously approved the senior program, had a difficult time remembering it when she heard the news about the new interns. Ben’s communicative skills and friendliness wins the human resource team over and he is one of the four senior employees to participate in this program. He is assigned to work with no less a person than Jules herself. Jules is no easy task and will need some time adjusting to Ben, who despite listening patiently to her every demand and promptly doing what she requests, will face Jules’ resistance to him and will have to find a way to win her trust.As the plot develops, Ben and Jules connect deeply and we are able to fully grasp Jules’s character and strong personality. You will embark on a different kind of friendship. One that was not meant to exist, but due to Ben’s patience and charisma, a memorable and refreshing affection will flourish.

Robert de Niro’s outstanding performance along with Anna Hathaway will keep you asking for more! They instantly click and you can see a meaningful change not only in Ben’s boring routine but also In Jule’s approach to life and the way she runs things around her startup.

I would highly recommend this movie. It is a heartwarming story that turns out to be an insightful message of how there is a lot to be learned with our elder citizens. It also means retirement is not the end and we should never take the old for granted. There is still a lot they can do and contribute to our society. All they need is a chance.


Which movie would like me to review? Leave a comment and I will definitely write about it!

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