General English Tips

How To Improve Your English Vocabulary?

In this new post, I am going to give you 4 tips to help you improve your English vocabulary and expand your English vocabulary.

Can You Improve Your Listening With A 3-Minute Practice?

You’re trying to improve your listening skills and you are  a very busy person. Now, even if you are not busy, this post is going to help you improve your listening practice and get better results.

How to practice your Listening in English?

This is a common question English learners have: how can I improve my listening skills? I want to understand people in English, understand movies in English, understand TV series in English, so how can I do it?

Be Careful When Using TV Series To Learn English

TV series are great! I love watching them and I often have to watch out because I can easily binge watch my favorite tv series all day long.
As much as I love tv series, in today’s post, I want to get your attention to one important FACT.

3 INCORRECT Phrases You Are Creating in English

This is a very common challenge English learners have. As we practice Speaking and Writing in English, we may “create” incorrect phrases in English. However, the main problem with that is that some students persist with some incorrect phrases forever and don’t change them

They get so used to speaking that sentence incorrectly…

To help you, I am going to show 3 popular sentences that English learners use all the time and why they are incorrect.

Reading Tip – How to Ask and Answer Questions in English

Learn how to improve your English Comprehension with this Reading Tip Hey student! In this lesson, I am going to show you a very nice

How to Improve Your Pronunciation and Intonation With TV Series

I am going to show you how you can improve your pronunciation and intonation in English with TV series. Improve your pronunciation and intonation.

Reading Tip – What kind of books Should You Read?

In this post, we are going to talk about the importance of reading books in English and what kind of books you should read in English!

My English is Not Improving But I study Every Day!!

Improving your English is a journey, so before you lose motivation here are a few things you need to ask yourself so that you can better understand why your English is not improving.

How To Talk About Movies in English – English Speaking

In this post, I am going to give you useful expressions and questions so that you can talk about your favorite movie in English. 

How To STOP Mental Translation? – Stop Translating in Your Head

Do you have problems with Mental Translation? Mental translation is when you constantly translate things in your head from Portuguese (or your native langague) to English before you speak. However, you need time to do that and consequently you get stuck, because you spend too much time thinking of translations.

Hey student,
This is a quick blog post to give you 5 practical tips of things you can do alone to help you practice English Speaking.
Many learners believe they need to have a partner to practice and improve speaking otherwise they are doomed to never speaking.

Simple Past – The Man with No Past – O Homen Sem Passado!

It was a funny man. Some people thought he was crazy, others thought he was positive… The man with no past only focused on the present.

When asked questions, he couldn’t remember. He stayed in the present. No matter what. No past, no memories, just the now, the present…

Desafie-se em Inglês – Crie Metas Semanas! Challenge Your English With Weekly Goals

A vida é cheia de desafios não é verdade? E para ser sincera, acredito que por mais que reclamamos as vezes dos desafios da vida, não conseguiríamos viver sem eles. A vida seria simplementes muito chata, sem aventuras, sem superação. Com o inglês é a mesma coisa.

Porque será que não aprendo Inglês??

Estava estudando sobre um assunto que me interessa muito, quando comecei a refletir sobre meu progresso e me peguei pensando… Porque será que não estou aprendendo?

Best 3 Time Management Tips for English Learners

Is Time Management important for English learners? Check out this post and learn my 3 best time management tips for English learners! Because, believe me, you really need to use your time wisely!

Should I Use Course Books to Learn English?

It is not whether you should use coursebooks or not, but rather HOW you use coursebooks.