What’s the difference Between But & Although?

July 9, 2019 - Priscila Pereira

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Hey student! What’s the difference between But & Although?

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Both But and Although are conjunctions you can use to give the idea of contrast.

However, you will use BUT and ALTHOUGH in different parts of sentences and the idea is also different.

In both cases, you will always constrast 2 SENTENCES.

So, you will have Clause 1 (sentence one = idea 1) and Clause 2 (sentence two = idea 2).

One idea will ALWAYS CONSTRAST the other idea.


We use but to show an unexpected result or a result in contrast to our expectation.

But connects  sentences which are the same grammatical type

Order: Main idea (idea 1) + But (contrast – idea 2)

I like sports (Main idea), but I don’t have time to practice (idea 2 – constrast)

My last weekend was busy (main idea), but I could get some rest (idea 2 – contrast)


Although is a subordinating conjunction used to a show a situation that has a surprising result. You connect two sentences

Main Idea (idea 1) +  Contrast (although – idea 2 )

You can invert the order of sentences Idea 1 + 2 or Idea 2 + 1

Contrast (although idea 2) + Main idea (idea 1)

Main Idea (idea 1) +  Contrast (although – idea 2)

I had a great time with my family (idea 1 – main idea)) ALTHOUGH it rained all weekend (idea 2)

Although it rained all weekend (idea 2), I had a great time with my family (idea 1 – main idea)



As but is a coordinating conjunction, you cannot invert the sentences.

It rained a lot BUT we still had a great time

But it rained a lot, we still had a great time. x (WRONG)

Although can sound a little bit more formal than but, however, both are commonly used inconversations.

THOUGH is also very popular and has the same idea of Although




  1. ________ this is a bestseller book, I really hated it.
  2. she wanted to go to the party ____ she was sick.
  3.  I am learning a new language ____ I don’t really need it
  4. I went to Peter’s house ____ he wasn’t there.
  5. James bought a new car _____ he doesn’t really need one.


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