Simple Past – The Man with No Past – O Homen Sem Passado!

March 25, 2019 - Priscila Pereira

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The man with no past!

O homen Sem Passado



It was a funny man. Some people thought he was crazy, others thought he was positive… The man with no past only focused on the present.

When asked questions, he couldn’t remember. He stayed in the present. No matter what. No past, no memories, just the now, the present…

One day, a curious child asked the man with no past: Don’t you feel sad you have no past, you don’t know when, you just live then?

The man smiled at the little child and said: Well, I have a past, I just don’t remember, I keep walking, living in my present.

The man with no past left the child and kept walking as if nothing had happened and another day went by for the man with no past, only present, only present.

Teacher Prix

Why this story?

Maybe you are like the man with no past! Can you imagine not remembering your past? Who you were, what you did, your accomplishments, your success, your life, the people you loved, the Jobs you got, the promotions you received, the wine you drank, the wavy beaches you have been and so many other amazing memories that only you lived?

Some English learners only speak in the present, because they think it is too difficult to learn the past in English. They “can’t remember”.

To learn the past in English, the FIRST MOST IMPORTANT THING you need to do is:

You need to remember your PAST, your LIFE! The man with no past could NOT remember, but you CAN! This is the first step to studying Simple Past in English.

Focus on the activities you DID, and associate them with PAST. Study the explanations and verbs in the past, however, connect the grammar with emoticons, your memories, your life, your special Past that is unforgettable

That’s how you study Simple Past.

You can also watch some of my vídeos to practice Simple Past

Here are some:

How to study simple past:

Simple Past 3-day study Challenge:


Have a great week


Teacher Prix

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