Reading Tip – How to Ask and Answer Questions in English

August 30, 2019 - Priscila Pereira

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Learn how to improve your English Comprehension with this Reading Tip

Hey student! In this lesson, I am going to show you a very nice strategy to help you improve your comprehension in English.

This reading tip is going to help you improve your reading skills and comprehension skills as well. Not to mention your vocabulary that will also improve! So here we go!



To improve your reading comprehension, you can start working on creating questions that will help you analyze and better understand the information you are reading. By creating questions, you will be able to test your understanding of each part of the text you read.



In High school and later on at the university, before exams, I would read the articles and textbooks. To help me understand and memorize information, for each paragraph, I created one question. This helped me remember the information more quickly and also improved my comprehension skills. I felt like I was really being productive and learning the information I was reading.

To help you better understand that, let’s do a quick practice together.

Below you will find  3 paragraphs of an article (I will leave the link of the full article. READ HERE)


For each paragraph, try to create questions about them.

Check out the questiosn I created for the first two paragraphs. The questions don’t need to be complicated. The idea is to help you better understand each part of the text you read.


Pay attention that I asked very basic questions that will help me study the information from the article.




Now it is your turn. Read the full article and post your questions in the comments. If you want, I have a lesson on my channel where I give more details about this exercise.





Teacher Prix.

Priscila Pereira

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