Podcast: Let’s talk about Halloween!

October 31, 2017 - Priscila Pereira

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Halloween? What’s that all about?

Hey, friends! It is Halloween! On this podcast, I am going to tell you a little bit about Halloween and how it got started. I am not really good at History, but all I share here with you is a bit of what I learned while I lived in the USA and as I am a teacher we always talk about Halloween.

The word Halloween

The word Halloween means All Hallow’s Eve or All Saint’s Eve. The Halloween night is celebrated before the Christian feast of November 1st. And nowadays this celebration goes on until November 2nd.

Americans spend a lot of money on this holiday.

Halloween dates back more than 2000 years to a pre-Christian Celtic festival. So, it is a pretty old celebration. Obviously, the traditions have evolved throughout the centuries, but its essence remains the same.

One interesting thing you should know is that The Irish brought Halloween to America in the 1840s. I bet you didn’t know about that! But don’t worry! Not many Americans know that either. But about the Halloween stuff, we see on movies? Has it always been like that?

The answer is no!  This very commercial Halloween started back in the 1920s. The fancy and creative costumes only became a thing in the 1950s. Until then, the costumes were homemade and not really beautiful, if you know what I mean!

Now, why wear costumes?

Today, for the fun of it! Here on the post, you can see some costumes I wore while I lived in the USA! I loved Halloween there! It is so amazing! People really dress up and walk on the streets wearing the coolest costumes ever!

Now, back to the question? In the past, people believed that on the night of Halloween, spirits would cross over to the land of the living, because of that, people were afraid and would then disguise themselves in costumes so that the mean spirits wouldn’t recognize them.

There are more theories and fun facts, but this podcast would be really long if I explained them all.


Trick or treat!

No, I did not go trick or treating during my stay in America. I was too old for that! Damn!

But what I can tell you about this tradition is that it dates way back to the 15th century, when kids would go “souling. They would go door to door begging for money foods and candies. Soul cakes were very common. On the post, you can see a picture of a soul-cake.





A common song kids would sing along while going door to door was:


soul a soul. A soul-cake. Please good missis,  a soul-cake. An apple, a pear, a 

plum,  or a cherry.  Any good thing to make us all Merry. One for Peter. Two for Paul. 3 for Him who made us all!


Pretty cool, right? Kids don’t sing that anymore.

The most popular trick or treating we see on TVs and movies became popular only during the 19th century.

Why the pumpkins

Jack-o’-lantern which means a man with a lantern is also an Irish tradition! It started centuries ago! But guess what? The Irish didn’t really use pumpkins. They used Turnips! Do you know what a turnip is? No? Check out the post then, I will leave a picture of a turnip!

Only when the Irish immigrants arrived in America and discovered the pumpkins that this new Halloween tradition was born as we know today.

Pretty awesome stuff! Don’t you think? Obviously, there is so much information I didn’t say here, but if you got curious, go online and do some research. I am sure you will find even more intriguing information!

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Thank you so much guys and happy Halloween!

Teacher Prix



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