Phrases With GO – English Vocabulary

July 10, 2019 - Priscila Pereira

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Phrases With Go – English Vocabulary

Hey student!

In this post, I am going to show you some important phrases with the verb GO that you should be using!

They are divided by different subjects: travel, sports, transportation, and outdoor activities.

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So Here we go




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 Abroad – this means to travel to another country. I intend to go abroad next year. Would you like to go abroad?




Image result for go sightseeing

Go Sightseeing – when you go sightseeing, it means you are in another city or country visiting popular attractions in that place. When I travel, I love going sightseeing. Do you like to go sightseeing in your city?




Image result for go away for the weekend

 Go away for the weekend – this means you are going on a short trip, on the weekend. how often do you go away for the weekend? I usually go away for the weekend three times a year.




Image result for vacation disneyGo on vacation – vacation is the period when you STOP working, in Brazil for 30 days. During this period, you go on vacation. Some people travel, some people stay at home.




Image result for go shopping

Go shopping – to go shopping means to BUY things; shoes, perfume, presents, cell phones, to buy things. It does NOT mean the location. If you are going to a place, you have to say shopping mall, or only mall.




Sports Related

Go swimming – it means to swim. I go swimming twice a week.

Image result for swimming






Image result for go bikingGo biking – it means to ride a bike. I love going biking on weekends





Related imageGo surfing – it means to surf. Do you go surfing in the summer?





Image result for go skiingGo skiing – it means to skii. My friends go skiing in Canada every winter.




Image result for go dancingGo dancing – It means to dance. I go dancing every Friday night.





Go by car/bus/train/plane – Here it is important to note that the correct preposition is BY. I go to work BY car. I travel BY plane. Only when you are talking about walking to places,  you will use ON foot.

Go ON foot


Image result for go for a walkGo for a walk – to walk oustide.





Image result for go runningGo running/ go for a run – to run at the park, on the street, but outside.





Image result for go camping

Go camping – It is when you go outside and sleep outside. You will need a tent and other equipment. Only people who like adventure and nature go camping. Do you go camping?







I hope you enjoyed this lesson. If you want, watch this video where I talk about these phrases and give more examples and explanations.






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