Phrasal Verb Take Away – Learn How To Use It!

June 7, 2017 - Priscila Pereira

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Hey guys, what’s up?

Today I want to show you a phrasal verb. I’m going to give you the meaning of the phrasal verb (well if you know me, my channel and read my posts, you will see I focus on explanation, no translations) But don’t worry! I promise you will understand it and more importantly, know how to use it! For all the examples I give, you will be able to listen to the phrases. Yes! I will record my “squeaky” voice so that you can hear the examples and learn how to pronounce not only the verb, but also the entire phrase with a good intonation!

Number ONE RULE! Never try to translate phrasal verbs individually (word by word). As you notice, phrasal verbs have several particles, so if you try to translate part by part of the phrasal verb, you will most likely get a very weird definition!

TAKE AWAY has many definitions and you will find many different ways to use it. I will post the most common ones!

  1. Take away ( take someone or something away)

If you take something away from a position or place,  you remove it from one place    and put it in a different place – you are transferring  something to a different place.


Example 1: Take him away from me! I don’t wanna see his face! I’m so angry right now.

Here the person is angry! She doesn’t want “him” “that person” near her, next to her. So she wants this person “away”, in a different place.


Example 2: Can you take away this food please?. I’m not going to finish it, I have a meeting in 5 minutes.

In this case, the person is going to be busy in 5 minutes and can not finish her lunch, so she asks someone to take that “food” “away”, to a different place.


  1. Take away – make a feeling, pain, disappear (abstract meaning)

In this case, you are not taking away a physical object. We are talking about feelings!It is abstract! You want this feeling to be gone, away from you. Therefore, you can use this phrasal verb to describe that. Let’s see some examples>:


Example 1: This pill will take away your pain. You need to wait a little bit longer.


In this case I’m telling the person that “medicine”, that “pill” will remove her/his pain. He/she just needs to wait for a little bit.

Example 2:  Hiding in your bedroom will not take the pain away. You need to live your life!

In this case, someone is telling the other person to stop hiding, to stop staying in the bedroom. Staying in the bedroom alone, will not remove the pain from this person, it will not take the person’s pain away.

  1. Take away – (take someone with you to a new place) – In this case you are going to take someone along to a new place, which means you are taking this person away with you!

Example 1:  Why can’t you take me away from all this mess! I can’t be here!

In this case, the person wants someone to take her/him away, because (probably) her/his life is chaotic, a mess. So he/she wants to be taken to a different place, far from where she/he is right now, away.

Example 2:  I can’t believe you are leaving already! I wish you could take me away with you!

In this example, someone is leaving, going away, probably going home. So the speaker would like to go too, to be taken away, to be taken from where she is now to a different place.

  1. Take away – to emotionally captivate someone, to inspire, to move someone (emotionally speaking)

Example 1:  “The Intouchables” took me away! It is such a heartwarming story!

In this case Someone is talking about a movie which caused them an emotional reaction, a deep captivation, this person was moved  by this movie!

Example 2:  His last words took me away. I will never forget it! I love his motivational speeches!

In this case, the person is describing how moved she is by someone’s words, which were very captivating.


Last but not least, remember, the simple past of Take is – TOOK! And the past participle is TAKEN.

Do you like this post? Are you enjoying the frasal verb posts? let me know in the comments! I would love to know your opinion and read your examples with this phrasl verb!


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