Phrasal Verb Pull Over – Learn how to use it!

June 17, 2017 - Priscila Pereira

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If the officer asks you to pull over, just do it!

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To pull over! Do you know what this means? Today I want to show you the meaning of this phrasal verb as well as real life examples and audio, so that you can start using this really nice phrasal verb! So I’ll give you the most common meanings, ok?

  1. This phrasal verb is simple and doesn’t have many different uses. Pull over  means to move your car to the side either to stop OR to let something pass. Let’s see some examples:

Example 01: Hey, Jim can you pull over real quick? I need to drop this at the post office.



In this case, I’m asking Jim to stop the car because I need to take something to the post office (I can probably see the post office, which is why I asked Jim to stop, so that I can go there very quickly).

Example 02: As soon as Jack pulled over, Jane opened the door and threw up. She was feeling very sick.


In this case, I’m saying that when Jack stopped the car (guys, remember one thing,  you don’t “pull over in the middle of the street, ok? You move your car to the side and then stop)  she got out of the car and started throwing up (to vomit)

Example 03: You are driving in circles. This is the third time we pass by here. Pull over the car and let me drive!


In this case, I’m telling someone to stop the car and let me drive! Probably, because the person who was driving was not doing a very good job.

Example 04: Three ambulances were coming towards me, so I pulled over to the right to make way to the ambulances.



In this case, I’m talking about a situation (that often happens in real traffic) when ambulances are approaching your vehicle and you need to help them. How do you help the ambulance? You pull over (you move to the side, usually the right one) so that the ambulance can keep going.

  1. Another common meaning of this phrasal verb, which is very similar to the first one, is when a police officer asks you to stop the car. The police officer signals to the driver so that he can drive to the side of the road and stop. You can use this phrasal verb to say that. Let’s see some examples:

Example 01: I saw the police officer pulling over my friend.  I think John is in trouble because he doesn’t have a driver’s license.


In this case, I’m talking about a police officer that stopped my friend. He asked my friend to stop the car. I believe this friend is in big trouble because he doesn’t have a driver’s license (a document that permits you to drive)

Example 02: A police car pulled me over last night. Can you believe I got a speeding ticket?!



In this case, I’m telling that a police car stopped me and that I got a ticket (a fee you have to pay in case you don’t respect a traffic law, for example, a speed limit law).

Example 03: The police officer  asked the man to pull over the car and tested the driver for alcohol.


In this case, I’m saying that an officer made a car stop so that the driver could be tested. This is a very common thing, especially after long holidays.

Has a police officer ever pulled you over? What happened? Did you get a ticket? Tested?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks guys,

Teacher Prix.

Priscila Pereira

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One thought on “Phrasal Verb Pull Over – Learn how to use it!

  • Liri

    November 16, 2017 at 14:02

    Hi again Teacher Prix, yes One day a police officer pulled me over because i forgot to turn on the front lights of the car. and guess what.. i didn’t have my license driver, i had an ill person in the back seat. fortunately he understood and told me, i will let you go but do not do this again.


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