Phrasal Verb: Look Up To – Learn how to use it!

September 1, 2017 - Priscila Pereira

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Hey guys, how are you doing?

Today I was watching some videos on YouTube. I saw a video where Obama gives an interview. That inspired me to write about today’s phrasal verb. Why? Because Obama is someone I really look up to.  Do you have any idea of what I am saying here? So read all this post and you will find out not only the meaning of this phrasal verb but also how to use it! I will show you real life examples and provide you with audios for all the examples. That way you can work on your listening skills as well as intonation. So here we go!

Look up to

I usually show you many different uses for the phrasal verb. Today though, the phrasal verb is simple and there is only one use for it. But please, keep in mind that you need all the particles (up + to) and you can NOT separate these particles. If you just say “look up”, then you will have a completely different phrasal verb, ok?

Use this phrasal verb to say you respect and admire someone. As I wrote above, I really admire Obama! But let’s take a look at other examples, shall we?


Example 01: John has always looked up to his oldest brother, Jimmy. They are best friends!

In this case, I am talking about John and Jimmy and how John has always admired and respected Jimmy.

Example 02: Peter is definitely a role model other players can look up to.

In this case, I’m talking about Peter and how other players can see Peter as an “example” and admire and respect him for that.

Example 03: Kevin really looks up to his mother. She raised him by herself and made so many sacrifices in order to give him the best.

In this case, I’m talking about Kevin and his admiration and respect for his mother. I continue and explain that she took care of him alone, by herself, and worked hard to give him good things.

Example 04:  Isn’t there any politician you look up to? Not really, politicians are very corrupt in my country.

In this case, someone asked me if I admire and respect any politician. I say no, and explain that the politicians in my country are not good. They are corrupt.

Example 05: Our Company’s CEO is retiring after 40 years in the job. Everyone looks up to him around here. We will miss him, that’s for sure!

In this example I’m saying that the CEO will “stop working”, will retire after working for 40 years. I explain that everybody in the company admires and respects him and that everybody will miss him.

Example 06:  I cannot believe you betrayed me like that. I treated you like a sister. I used to look up to you! Now, this? I can’t believe it!

In this case, I’m probably very sad, very disappointed at someone. Someone I trusted, someone I treated like family, someone I used to respect and admire betrayed me and it is really hard to believe that happened.

Example 07:  Everybody looks up to Mr. Murphy. He has been working with us for 10 years now.

In this case, I’m saying everybody respects and admires Mr. Murphy.

How about you? Who do you look up to? I’d love to know it. Leave your answer in the comments, I always read comments and feel really motivated when I see your engagement.

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