Grammar is easy: Who, Whose and Possessive

October 30, 2017 - Priscila Pereira

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Hey, friends! What’s cracking?

This is a new grammar post. In this post, we are going to learn more about WH questions. In previous posts, I showed you some WH questions and how to use them. Today, we will focus on who and whose. After I explain whose, I will also show you how to use ‘s to indicate possession in English. Why? You usually need the ‘s when you are going to answer questions with “Whose”. There are different ways to answer this question, but I will show you how to indicate possession with ‘s.


But let’s get started!


This is the WH question word we use to ask questions  about what or which person/people (people – plural of person)

Take a look at the examples below:


Who is that man? >>>

He is Tom Cruise or That man is Tom Cruise




<<<Who is this woman?

She is Jennifer Aniston. OR This woman is Jennifer Aniston.

See, that’s when we use the question word “who”. If you want to ask about what person/people.

Let’s see more examples

Who is your favorite singer? In this question, I want to know the name of your favorite singer, what person is your favorite singer?

My favorite singer is Chris Martin from Coldplay!



This wh question word is different from who. When I use whose, I want to know which person “OWNS” is “responsible” for something. Take a look at the examples below:



Hey, whose phone is this?

Oh, It is Alice’s phone!

In this question, I want to know the “owner” of the cell phone. It is not my cell phone. It belongs to Alice. To make this question in English, I need to use “whose”.




This wallet was on the floor!! Whose wallet is this?

Oh my God! It is Peter’s wallet! I will call him and let him know you found his wallet!

In this example, I am also asking about an object and who the owner is. It is not my wallet. It is Peter’s wallet.

Apostrophe (’) to indicate Possession

In English, we can use possessive adjectives to indicate possession. For example:

MY book

YOUR friend

HIS friend

HER Name

ITS name


OUR friends

YOUR family

THEIR names

Every pronoun (I, You, He, She, It, We, They) has a possessive adjective. When we want to indicate possession, we can use the possessive adjectives or we can us


e the Apostrophe.  How does it work? Look at the example below:

This is my friend. His name is Jack. He has a car. His car is blue.

Now, with the  apostrophe:

This is my friend. His name is Jack. Jack’s car is blue.

Jack’s car is blue OR His car is blue.

Use the (’)+ S to indicate possession.

My sister’s bag is pink (that means my sister has a bag. Her bag is pink)

My friend’s name is John (I have a friend and his name is John)


Why do we use Apostrophe?


In English, we canNOT say “This is the house of Peter!” (this is INCORRECT). We need to say: This is Peter’s house.

Can we use an apostrophe with objects? No, we don’t usually use apostrophe with objects

For example the movie’s end (that’s INCORRECT) you should say the end of the movie.

Apostrophe + S  or only Apostrophe?

If your word already ends in S, you don’t need to add another “s”. For example


John and Linda are my parents’ friends (in this case, the word “parents” already ends with the letter “s”, so you only need the apostrophe, ok?

Now, how about some exercises? Write who or whose

  1. _____ book is this?
  2. _____ is your best friend?
  3. ____ is their new teacher?
  4. ____ is Kevin’s friend?
  5. _____ keys are these?


Now, choose the correct form

  1. It’s my sister’s birthday/ my birthday’s sister
  2. That’s my friend’s car/ car’s friend.
  3. Did you like the movie’s end/the end of the movie?
  4. Those are friends’ my sister/ my sister’s friends.
  5. That’s Angela’s new boyfriend/boyfriend’s Angela.

I hope you enjoyed this grammar post. Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments. I also want to see your answers here in the comments, ok?

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