Grammar is Easy: WH Questions What, Where, When

August 14, 2017 - Priscila Pereira


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This is another grammar post. In this post, you are going to learn about WH questions. What’s this?

WH questions are words we use when we make questions in English. We refer to these questions as WH questions because they usually start with a word that includes these letter W and H.

The WH questions are what, when, where, who, whom, which, whose, why, and how. Today we will focus on What, where and when.

One important thing you need to know is: these questions require information. It is not simply a yes or no question. You don’t start by saying yes or no. You will start by giving the information required. For example: What’s your name? WHAT NAME? My name is Priscila. I can’t start with “Yes”, my name is Priscila because that’s incorrect. The information I need is the name.

Now that you know what a WH question is, it is time to learn more about each one of them. I will make more posts about this subject. As I mentioned earlier, today we will only focus on What, Where and When.

So here we go!


Is a wh word you use to ask about general questions. For example

What do you do in the morning? I study in the morning.

What do you eat at night? I eat dinner

When you ask a question with what, you don’t use “what” in the answer. You give the information.

What do you do in the morning?  (what activities)

In previous posts, you learned how to make questions in the simple present with “do”, “does” and also the verb to be. However, you only learned how to make yes/no questions. This is a different kind of question and the word “what” will come first. It will be the first word you say when you make your question.

WHAT  do you eat in the afternoon?

I eat a sandwich in the afternoon.


Now, let’s talk about where

“Where” is another WH question word that you will use to ask questions, but the meaning is different. With the word “where you want to know “location”.

Where are you from? I’m from Brazil

Where do you work? I work at IBM

Where do you go on weekends? I go to the park on weekends!

Just like what, the word “where” is not used when you are giving an answer. In your answer, you will give the location.

Where do you work? I work “at IBM” the location


“When” is a WH question word used to talk about the time, at what time. Look at some examples

I study English on Mondays and Wednesdays  – this is an affirmative sentence, right? How can we ask a question with When?

Take a look:

When do you study English? I study English on Mondays and Tuesdays

When do you read books? I read books in the morning

Easy, don’t you think?

There you go! In this post, I showed you 3 important WH question words. In future posts, I will show you more wh question words, ok?

To summarize, we learned about what, where and when and how we can use these words to make questions in English. When we ask WH questions, we don’t start the answer with “yes” or “no” because in this kind of question you need to give specific information, right?

You also learned the position of the WH question word which is right at the beginning of the question.

Now I have some exercises for you. I want you to ask 3 questions: one with what, one with where and one with when. Leave your 3 questions in the comments and I’ll make sure to correct and leave my observations, ok?

I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to leave me your comment and if you have enjoyed this lesson share it with your friends on your social media!

Thank you so much, guys!

Teacher Prix

Priscila Pereira

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  • Thomas

    August 16, 2017 at 18:01

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 yvwhi

  • Fabiano

    December 18, 2017 at 09:45

    What is your favorite Song?

    Where do you live?

    When do you watch tv series?

  • Max Unch

    January 26, 2018 at 12:32

    Hi teacher Priscila! My homework:

    What is your favorite color for your lips?
    Where is the gas station?
    When do eat your breakfast?

    Thank you teacher!

  • Jyoti Mishra

    June 28, 2018 at 07:35

    What is your favorite color for your lips?
    Where is the gas station?
    When do eat your breakfast?

    Thank you teacher!

  • Jyoti Mishra

    June 28, 2018 at 07:38

    Hi teacher Priscila plz give more question.
    plzz post all question word.


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