Grammar Is Easy: WH questions What & Which

September 26, 2017 - Priscila Pereira


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This is another grammar post. In this post, we are going to learn another important grammar point. Well, we will continue talking about WH questions. IN a previous post, we started learning about WH questions.

What is a WH question?

WH questions are words we use to ask questions in English. These words usually start with the letters W and H, that’s why we call them “wh questions”

In the previous post, I showed you 3 common WH question words: What, where and When.

Today I’m going to show a new one: “which” and show you the difference between “what” and “which”.

First, it is important to remember that when we ask questions with “wh-words”, we are asking for specific information, ok? It is not a “yes/no” question. You can not start your answer with yes or no. You start your answer with the information. For example: what’s your telephone number? My phone number is 915510000. You can not start with “yes, my phone number is..” that is incorrect.

Now let’s take a look at “which


It is very similar to “what”. You use “which” to ask questions about one or more people or things/objects, BUT from a limited number. For example:

Which do you prefer – coffee or milk?

Here I’m asking about a preference you have and I give you limited options:  coffee or milk. It doesn’t have to be only 2 options, but it is a limited option. In general, I will use “which” when I am giving you options.

More examples:

Which airline do you prefer: American Airlines, Delta Airlines or Turkish Airlines?

In this example, I am giving you 3 options. I want to know which option you prefer.

Which color do you like: blue or yellow?

Again, I am giving you options. I’m not talking about all colors, I’m asking you about 2 options.

Which dress should I wear?

In this example, I’m asking about which dress to wear. Now, If you pay attention, I didn’t give the options. Imagine I’m holding one dress in my left hand and one dress in my right hand. I don’t need to speak because I am showing. Just like in the picture on the right. >>

This happens a lot.

Now, what’s the difference between WHAT and WHICH?

When I use “what” I am not giving you options. I just want to know about something.

What do you want for dinner?

Which do you want for dinner – soup or salad?

In the first example, I just asked you “what” you wanted to eat for dinner. In the second example, I give you 2 options. This is the difference between “what” and “which”.

What is your favorite color?

Which color do you like – black or blue?

In the first example, I am asking about your favorite color. It is a general question. I don’t give you options. The second question is different, I give you options.

This is the main difference between what and which.

Now I have some questions for you. I would love to see your answers here in the comments!

  1. Which do you prefer tuna or turkey sandwich?
  2. What’s your favorite kind of food?
  3. Which do you prefer rock or pop music?
  4. Which do you like more, TV series or movies?
  5. Which is more important, being happy or being rich?
  6. What is your favorite sport?
  7. Which sport do you prefer soccer or volleyball?


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thanks, guys!

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