Expressions & Idioms in English:  To Sugar Coat

June 1, 2017 - Priscila Pereira

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How about learning a cool expression?

In this section of the blog, I will be showing you different kinds of expressions I see in movies, TV series, songs, etc. These expressions are very popular and native speakers use them all the time!

But here we go, today’s expression is to sugar coat

Use this expression when you want to make something “sound” better than it actually is. You are describing or talking about something in a way that it seems more “acceptable” or more “pleasant”. People love doing this nowadays, to make something look “better” than it actually is. How do you usually feel in this situation? I usually feel angrier.

That’s why I chose this expression for today’s post.

I was having a bad day. So, I decided to find someone to talk to. I talked to a friend about a problem. I explained what was happening, I gave details and expressed my frustration. What did he do? He sugar coated it. Yes, exactly. Don’t confuse “sugar coat” to negativity though! I’m a very positive person :D, but problems are real, and we need to find a solution for them, especially in a difficult situation, which is why it is bad if you sugar-coat it. If you “pretend” it is not that bad, or not that serious or important. But remember, stay positive and try to find a solution!

You know when you are having a bad week, everything around is falling apart, and then you got that one friend who decides to “sugar-coat” things, talk about things in a way that they look better, they sound better, or more “ok”. Let’s see some examples:

Example 01: Jane: Hey, don’t try to sugar coat the reality Jack! This relationship is not working. We’d better break up! (Jack is trying to talk about “the reality” in a way it looks better, or more acceptable” but Jane doesn’t agree with him and believes he is “sugar coating” the reality”)

Example 02: Alice: dad, I cannot believe you are sugar-coating what Mary just did to me! That is unacceptable! (In this case, Alice is angry at her dad, because she thinks he is trying to make what Mary did seem “ok”, “acceptable” “not that bad”)

Example 03: My boss tried to sugar-coat the crisis we are going through. It is really bad, but he wants everyone to think it is not a bid deal! I hate that! (The company is in bad moment, the boss tried to “camouflage” it. He is probably not being 100% honest about the situation of the company.

Example 04: Don’t sugar-coat the truth Henry. I know what you did and there is no way you can convince me it was a good thing. – Henry probably “lied” and was trying to “camouflage” the truth, by saying something that would not be “so bad”. People usually do that when they know they did exactly the opposite (something bad in this case)

So, when was the last time someone tried to sugar-coat things with you? How did the person feel? Did the person tell you to stop doing that? Who do you talk to when you are having a bad day? Do you sugar-coat problems when your friends are talking to you about them?

Let me know in the comments!

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