ED and ING Adjectives in English

July 25, 2019 - Priscila Pereira

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ED and ING Adjectives

Are Ed and ING adjectives confusing?

In this post, I am going to show you the difference between ED and ING adjectives. Basically, an adjective that ends in -ING is used to describe: the characteristic of, a thing or a situation and sometimes a person. On the other hand, an adjective that ends in -ED is used to describe: a feeling (or how a person feels) or an emotion, It is only used to describe people.

Check out some examples

This movie is so boring! (I am describing the characteristic of a “thing”, in this case, the movie)

That accident story was shocking! (I am describing the characteristic of a situation which was shocking)


ED Adjectives

ED adjectives will be used to describe people and their feelings

I am so bored! (this means I feel impatient and uninterested)

I was so tired last night. (I need to rest, I did many things and now I feel tired) 


ID Adjectives

ING adjectives can sometimes be used to describe a person’s characteristic

John is so boring, every time he talks to me, I feel sleepy, I can’t stop yawning

Andrew is such an interesting person. He has traveled around the world and speaks 5 languages


ED X ING Adjectives

Although you can use ING adjectives to describe people’s characteristics, this won’t happen to all adjectives.

John is shocking! (this is a confusing phrase, so ING is not a good idea to describe John’s characteristic. You will need

to find a better word.


Here is a list of Adjectives with ED and ING


If you want, here is a video you can watch about ED and ING adjectives




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