Book Review – The Year I met you

April 7, 2017 - Priscila Pereira

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I’m very excited about today’s book review! Why? Because it is an upper-intermediate/advanced book! After you finish this post, don’t forget to comment! I really appreciate the comments because it is very important for me to know if you are enjoying the posts, ok? But anyways, let’s talk about the book!

I read the book and what I can tell you for sure is: It is worth it! It is worth the investment, worth the time you spend reading it, definitely an excellent book!

Before I begin this book review let me apologize. I’m always worried about how much information I give on book reviews, so if you feel I shared too much, let me know in the comments, all right?

You know, at first I looked at this title and I thought, duh, another romantic love story revolving around the dream guy who finally shows up and is gonna change the girl’s life Forever!

Just no, thanks.

PS: I have nothing against romantic stories; they are just no my cup ‘o’ tea! Not my thing!

But I was at the bookshop and I was waiting for a friend who was going to be late so I decided to give it a try. I read half of the book at the book shop and then bought the digital one as soon as I got home. The story was completely different from what I had pictured! That’s why I decided to talk about it!  IS there romance? Yeah, there is. is it too sweet and spice? No, don’t worry, it is not!

Now, moving on to the book review itself.  From this part on, you will see a book review written genre, ok? The purpose is not only to review the book, but also show you important aspects of how to write  a book review in English


The Year I met you – Misleading title with a riveting end  

A standalone book  written by Cecelia Ahern,  “the Year I met You” is a romantic drama story that will take you by surprise with its simplicity and twist of events that will enable its readers to constantly relate to the main character and reflect upon meaningful questions about life while enjoying this memorable story.

The plot is set in Dublin. Jasmine Buttler lives in a small Dublin cul-de-sac opposite Matt, a neighbor she’d never engaged in a conversation with. From a first glance, you will feel how relatable this character is. Jasmine loves two main things in life: her sister and her work. With a hectic routine, Jasmine juggles her work and personal life, dedicating most of what the little time she has solely to her sister who needs her the most.

Jasmine is very determined. She is an outstanding professional. One day, everything changes. On a New Year’s Eve, Jasmine’s and Matt’s paths cross. Both will embark on a year of struggles and surprising turns of events. What happens when the one thing that keeps you up and running is temporarily taken away from you? Whereas Jasmine and Matt will go through different struggles, both will find in each other something they’d never imagined possible.

In this very insightful story, Jasmine is forced to deal with the other haunting aspects of her life which she postponed for as long as she could.  The characters are appealing and true to life, which is why you will often catch yourself thinking about your own troubles.

Even though, the title is slightly misleading since it makes you think that it is merely a romantic love story,  you will be amazed by the richness of this book and how much you can learn from this beautiful story.

I strongly recommend this book to any young and adult readers who wishes a change of pace when it comes to drama and romantic books. It is a compelling story that you will beg for more once you are done with it.



There is so much more to this story that can be exploited and so many cool lessons!

You are going to learn quite a lot of vocabulary here, that’s why I suggest upper intermediate and advanced speakers read it! Because the grammar is more complex and, to top it off, the amount of vocabulary to describe the story may overwhelm  pre-intermediate speakers or even confuse you.

All in all, the story is great! I really enjoyed reading this novel. I had never read Cecelia’s books before but now that I have, I will make sure to get other ones! I also enjoyed the fact that there were cool new words to learn, some new phrasal verbs, expressions, etc.

I hope you are curious enough to read this story! I guarantee you are going to enjoy it! I like to read different kinds of stories even those ones I’m not so fond of. It is all about learning new words and entertaining.

Question of the day: What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it? Why? Leave your answer in the comments!

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